Finger, Hand and Foot Pain After Chemo

Neuropathy means nerve pain. Nerve pain is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer. It’s estimated that about 30 to 40% of patients who receive chemotherapy, develop some type of nerve pain, and it’s the most common reason people decide to stop treatment. Symptoms Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) usually begins in the […]

Chemotherapy and Nervous System Side Effects

Chemotherapy is designed to stop a cancer cell from making duplicates of itself. When a cancer cell stops replicating, then the cell and its abnormalities die out. Cancer cells are known to replicate much more rapidly than healthy cells in the body. Since they divide faster, this means chemotherapy drugs will work more quickly in […]

How Much Chemo do I Need?

Every woman who develops ovarian cancer will have unique treatment needs. These needs depend on what type of ovarian cell became cancerous, how far the cancer spread, and the degree of DNA changes in the cancer cell. Treatment is designed to have the greatest likelihood of killing cancer cells, with the fewest systemic side effects. […]

Do You Have These Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

It is impossible to determine if someone has ovarian cancer, based on physical symptoms alone. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are very similar to other causes of discomfort. For example, a bladder infection, menstrual cramps and inflammation in the pelvis can all cause the same types of symptoms as those reported by women who have […]

These Steps are Followed for an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

Most ovarian cancers are found during regular medical check-ups. When the health care provider is pressing on the abdomen or completing a pelvic exam, s/he may find a mass. It is relatively common to find a mass on the ovary, and most masses are not cancer. However, as soon as something abnormal is found it’s […]

What does Grade and Stage Mean for Ovarian Cancer?

Once diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the oncologist will want to determine the grade and stage of cancer. Grading and staging gives the treatment team an idea of how advanced the cancer is, what types of treatments are needed, and overall prognosis. What Does Cancer Grade Mean? To determine the grade, cells from the tumor have […]